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You only need to complete three tasks to set up your online business. First, register a domain. Second, find a domain hosting service to host your domain. Third, post and manage content on your site.

Most domain registrations end up at GoDaddy.com where the price for a Top Level Domain like a .com should cost around ten dollars per year. Do you have a Domain Name in mind? Check to see if it is available. Quick Search

Starting your own site? You don't need to be a Techie or understand coding. Visit, 'Build a Website,' at Seaport E You will find site building tools to help you start a basic site that will only take minutes to build. This may be right option for someone on a tight budget and willing to get their web development feet wet. Easy navigation, drag-and-drop file management, and templates are a few of the tools available to you. It will take a few minutes of your time to be up and running. You don't need to be a Techie or understand coding. Visit, 'Build a Website,' at Seaport E

Your small business website will provide details about your company products and services to the customer. You will need a searchable database. This is a, 'must have,' if you are going display a catalog, post articles or photos, utilize customer information, have a blog or any of the thousands of connections available through your databases. Hosting plans are available through Seaport E. The Economy Hosting package starts at $6.99 monthly and includes 10 databases. The Ultimate hosting package offers unlimited 1GB databases.

Marketing Tools
The Marketing Tools service gives your business the power to track and analyze the traffic patterns on your site. Invaluable tools for e-business owners, Traffic Facts provides detailed insight into Web site visitors' behavior, including entry and exit pages, referring pages, visitor paths, number of unique visitors, as well as the users' browser and operating system selections.
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Email Packages

Secure, Personalized and spam-free email - with a plan that will suit the needs of any business or individual. Add-ons like Online File Folder, Online Group Calendar and Fax Thru Email are included with the Web-Based Email user interface. Anti-phising measures are Built-in to safeguard you from fraud attempts. Email phising schemes are intercepted before they reach your mailboxes.

Email accounts can be set up regardless of where you domain is registered or hosted. This means that you can personalize your email address - e.g. name@yourpersonaldomainname.com and connect with more mailing list contacts.
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Email Packages

Search Engine Presence
The key to a successful online presence is successful search engine placement. Web-based search engine optimization and submission tool, SEO, that allows e-commerce users to analyze their Web site content and optimize their Web pages for the Internet's search engines. Easy automated submission to several leading search engines, including Google; and manual submission to such engines as Yahoo and hundreds of regional engines from across the world.
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Hosting Plans Get more unique hits.

In the Google age, Content is King. You will need new, updated content for your business site. Content is available through free lance contractors with Seaport E. This is a very economical process and works best for businesses on a tight budget.
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So, future internet retailer, select a web host that is compatible with your online business. Web hosting is now more important than ever. Business web sites always take advantage of eCommerce integration. Business web hosting offers more features and functionality than most value-hosting servers.
Hosting Plans
Seaport E offers solutions to all online business domain registration, web hosting and content management needs.

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