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Start Building: With a little preparation, the first two steps will take a few minutes. The third step, writing and managing content, is the most important and time consuming of the three steps for establishing a web presence.

Register a Domain

The price for a Top Level Domain (TDL) like .com should cost under fifteen dollars per year. It is not necessary to host your site with the Domain Registrar. offers 24/7 phone or chat technical and account service for your Domain questions. If you are not sure of your Domain Name Availability, search for availability or suggestions if your preferred domain name is alredy taken.


Hosting Hosting Accounts

So, internet retailer, select a web host that is compatible with your online business. Web hosting is now more important than ever. Business web sites always take advantage of e-Commerce integration. Your Business Web Hosting must offer more features and functionality than any hosting service.

Maybe you hesitated to start you own business web-site because it is time consuming and complicated. The Web Host that you select should offer site building tools to help you start a basic site that will only take minutes to build, This is the best option for someone on a tight budget and willing to get their web development feet wet Easy navigation, drag-and-drop and templates, your website needs only a few minutes of your time to be up and running. You should not need to be a Techie or understand code writing

Content Management

Your small business website will provide details about your company products and services to the customer. You will need a searchable database. This is a, 'must have,' if you are going display a catalog, post articles or photos, utilize customer information, have a blog or any of the thousands of connections available through your databases. Hosting plans are available through reliable hosts that will include economy hosting packages starting for less than $7.00 monthly and includes at least 10 databases. Several of Seaport E hosting package offer unlimited 1GB databases.

In the Google age, Content is King. You will need new, updated content for your business site. Content is available through This is very economical at $25 for 400 words if you decide to outsource content. The process works best for businesses on a tight budget. CONTACT US for Content. B2B offers solutions to all online business needs, including domain registration, web hosting, and content management.

Marketing Tools

The Marketing Tools service gives Web Site owners the power to track and analyze the traffic patterns on their Web sites by monitoring and reporting all e-commerce activity on the sites. Invaluable tools for e-business owners, Traffic Facts provides detailed insight into Web site visitors' behavior, including entry and exit pages, referring pages, visitor paths, number of uniquevisitors, as well as the users' browser and operating system selections.
Email Packages

Secure, Personalized and spam-free email - with a plan that will suit the needs of any business or individual. All email account plans come with free Web-Based Email - our advanced Internet-based email client that incorporates Spam Xploder spam protection technology and SMTP relay. Add-ons like Online File Folder, Online Group Calendar and Fax Thru Email are seamlessly intergrated with the Web-Based Email user interface. Built-in anti-phising measures shield you from attempted fraud as email based phising schemes are intercepted before they reach your mailboxes.

Email accounts can be set up to any domain name, regardless of where it is registered or hosted. This means that you can personalize your email address - e.g. Email Packages